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at clearing the way, Our collection of incense is thoughtfully picked and sourced from around the world delivering an unparalleled array of premium quality and diverse scents.

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New Arrivals

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my Vision

Welcome to Clearing the Way! I'm Alexis Liastro, the founder, and I wanted to share my journey so we can connect on a more meaningful level. 

At my core, I am a devoutly spiritual person and it's part of my everyday life. Whether burning incense, candles, journaling my manifestations, and so much more...connecting and co-creating with the divine and universal energy is ingrained in my soul. In my 20's, I consciously became aware of spirituality and started my journey. Through deep heartbreak and emotional turmoil occurring in several aspects of my life, I found myself looking to climb out of darkness. I am a drastically changed person since then, but would not know where I would be without my deep inner sense of faith and spirituality. It is the unseen hands that have carried and guided me through all aspects of life.

My intent when creating Clearing the Way was to connect with my tribe, the spiritual community, and share my passion of incense. I personally use it as a lifestyle/ritual. Whether I burn incense at the start of my day, when taking a bath, or while journaling, the intent is all the same - to connect with spirit! I love the heady scent, the streaming smoke and always set some intention when lighting. 

The incense in my collection is selectively chosen to provide visibility to lesser known brands on the market, the small business owner, the handmade labors of love. I seek high quality products, clean ingredients and scintillating scent profiles.

I hope you find the same connection and gratification when using incense as part of your lifestyle, whether that's for aromatherapy, meditation, practice or ritual. We all have the same accessibility to the divine source and universal energies. Clearing the Way is more than incense, it's an inner lifestyle helping you to remove the everyday debris that gets in the way so that you can Clear Your Way to a more authentic, higher version of yourself. 

    xx Alexis "Lexi"

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